How to Teach: Contents

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  Schemes of work (more)
  Session planning (more)
  Must/should/could learn  
Media Dialogue  
  Physical (room) layout  
  Concept- and mind-maps  
  Writing on the board  
  The Overhead- and Data projectors (more)
Methods What works and what doesn't  
  Questioning (more)
  Lectures (more)
  Exercises (more)
  Using stories  
  Using the group (a lot more)
  Learning contracts  
  Advance organisers  
  Supervising dissertations  
  Problem-based learning (more)
  Work practice  
  Party pieces  
  Educational innovations  
Assessment The problem of assessment  
  Forms of assessment (a whole lot more)
Equal opportunities and managing diversity Baggage handling  
  Labelling students  
Class management Ground rules  
  Starting the class (more)
  Disruptive students  
  You are not on your own  
Evaluation On getting it right  

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