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Theories of learning

Behaviourism Behaviour modification
    Figures in Behaviourism
    Anticipatory-avoidance learning
    Learned helplessness
  Cognitive theories Aspects of Cognitive theory
    Piaget's developmental psychology
    Assimilation and Accommodation
    Conversational theory: Pask and Laurillard
    Convergent and Divergent thinking
    Multiple intelligences
    Personal construct psychology
  Humanistic approaches Andragogy
    Reflective practice
    Critical reflection
  Other angles Authority and learning
    Deep and surface learning
    Cognitive dissonance
    Experiential learning
    Learning how to learn
    Learning curve
    Situated learning
    Tacit and implicit learning
    SOLO taxonomy
    Resistance to learning
What is learning? Cultural considerations  
  Learning and teaching system  
  Bloom's taxonomy  
Motivation to learn Anxiety and motivation  
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